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Shira Kramer

Physiotherapist, Founder & Director

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Melbourne University) (Honours), Post Graduate Certificate (Exercise for Women) (Melbourne University).

Shira is one of Australia’s leading women’s health and fitness professionals. An experienced physiotherapist, founder of BeActive in 2006 and creator of the Restore Your Core online program for new mums, Shira has supported thousands or women through their pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. She is a sought after women’s health and fitness commentator appearing regularly in the media. She designs and delivers education programs to both physiotherapists and fitness professionals, presenting at conferences and in university settings. Shira is a mum of two active boys (just like their mum!) with motherhood only furthering her passion for keeping women active in all ages and stages of life.

Best thing about being a Physio: Being able to support and empower women through such a life-changing time of their life…and being able to wear leggings and runners to work – so lucky!
Favourite way to Be Active: Running, scootering, climbing or swimming alongside (or behind!) my two boys. Marathon training of course!
Guilty Pleasure: Wine, cheese, ice cream, or soaking up some vitamin D reading the weekend paper or trashy magazine.

Caroline Johnson


Post Graduate certificate (Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation), Post Graduate Certificate (Exercise for Women).

Caroline has over 20 years experience in the Physiotherapy world, building her incredible knowledge base with previous roles at the Mercy Hospital for Women and Cabrini Hospital, working across obstetrics, gynaecology, outpatients and childbirth education before continuing her passion for pelvic health and pre/postnatal care in private practice settings. Caroline is passionate about getting her clients moving, and draws on her many years experience leading pre/postnatal and over 50’s classes. She particularly loves helping women with Pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation (DRAM) and pelvic girdle pain.

What she loves most about being a Physio: Helping people feel better, and getting them back to the activities they love.
Favourite way to Be Active: Hitting the beach with my kids, bush-walks and Pilates.
Guilty Pleasure: Good Coffee.

Tanya Szylkrot


Bachelor Physiotherapy (University of Melbourne), Clinical Pilates (DMA), Good Life With Arthritis Denmark (GLAD).

Tanya has worked extensively in both private practice and elite sporting clubs, treating a diverse clients base before focusing on women’s health related physiotherapy at BeActive. Tanya has a wealth of knowledge and experience in pre and postnatal pain and dysfunction, sports injuries, pre and post-operative rehabilitation, general musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, falls/balance, spinal pain and arthritis management. Tanya enjoys working with other health care providers including obstetricians, GP’s and allied health professionals to ensure her patients receive a holistic model of care. As a mum of two, Tanya understands how life-changing pregnancy and motherhood can be and is passionate about supporting her clients through this transition, with a focus on building strength, stability and that feel-good factor.

Best thing about being a Physio: First and foremost, helping people! I am truly passionate about diagnosing, formulating plans and then assisting my clients in living a happier, healthier and more comfortable life.
Favourite way to BeActive: Running, dancing, Pilates and exercising the mind with a good book or podcast.
Guilty Pleasure: Coffee (all the coffee!), day spa with friends and online shopping.

Emma Kazmirowicz


 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Curtin University), Dry Needling (AAP), Clinical Pilates (DMA).

 With ten years of private practice experience under her belt across Perth and Melbourne, Emma has you covered top-to-toe.

She has extensive experience treating back and neck pain, pelvic pain, mobility issues, sports injuries and pre/postnatal issues.
Emma has a holistic approach to her treatments, combining various techniques including dry needling and movement based therapy using her Clinical Pilates training.  Emma has also undertaken recent study into lumbo-pelvic pain and enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.

What she loves most about being a Physio: Working with lots of different types of people and helping them get better quality of life.
Favourite way to Be Active: Weight training, hiking and Pilates.
Guilty Pleasure: Wine and cheese!


Sophie Bappayya


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Charles Sturt University), Post Graduate training in Women’s Health (Womens’ Health Training Association), Clinical Pilates Instructor (DMA & APPI).

Sophie shares her time between BeActive and the maternity ward at Cabrini Hospital, with a passion for caring for women in all stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journey. She has extensive experience in the assessment and management of pelvic floor dysfunction and rehabilitation, and has been fortunate to work alongside some of the most renowned specialists in the field. Sophie is an experienced Pilates instructor and brings this knowledge into all of her Clinical Exercise and Pre/Postnatal classes at BeActive.

Best thing about being a Physio: Being able to support women throughout their pregnancy, seeing all their hard work and dedication pay off when they come back for postnatal recovery – witnessing that joy and meeting their babies is the best! 
Favourite way to Be Active: Running, aerial yoga, and Pilates.
Guilty Pleasure: Glucojel jelly beans and caramel jerseys.

Bonnie Youl


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) (Monash University), Clinical Pilates (DMA).

Bonnie has worked in private practice settings across Melbourne, treating a diverse client base. She has experience in musculo skeletal conditions, Clinical Pilates, pre-& post-natal exercise classes, sports injuries and general, with a special interest in thoracic pain, acute and chronic knee conditions and pelvic girdle pain. She has a keen interest in Women’s Health and is passionate about treating women through the pregnancy and postnatal period to help optimise function and prevent pain.

What she loves most about being a Physio: Working with and getting to meet new people in an active role.
Favourite way to BeActive: Pilates, hiking, weight training.
Guilty Pleasure: Red wine and chocolate.

Louise Mitchell


Bachelor of Physiotherapy University of Canberra, Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy), Dry Needling, Clinical Pilates (APPI).

Louise comes from a strong sports and musculoskeletal background, working in private practice treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions with a special focus on back and neck rehabilitation. She also has a keen interest in assessment and management of pelvic floor dysfunction and rehabilitation. 

Louise treats a variety of conditions affecting women at BeActive including pre and post natal, pelvic floor dysfunction, neck and lower back pain, as well as chronic injuries. Louise also takes pre & postnatal fitness classes and clinical exercise classes, and has a passion for keeping her clients active during this special time.

Best thing about being a Physio: Assisting people to achieve their goals and be the healthiest they can. I love seeing patients through their pregnancy journey, and then getting to meet their little ones when they come back postnatally! 
Favourite way to Be Active: HIIT classes, Pilates and walking.
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate 

Elka van Miltenburg


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (La Trobe University), Bachelor of Health Sciences – Counselling (Bond University), Clinical Pilates (DMA).

Elka has been part of the BeActive team for 7 years, where her passion for treating women of all ages continues to develop. Elka loves using her dance background and 15 years experience of teaching Pilates to empower women in reaching their fitness goals in Clinical Exercise and pre and post natal classes. Elka enjoys treating pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and pre natal / post natal musculoskeletal conditions.

Since becoming a mum herself in 2019, she understands the importance of staying active, healthy and pain free during pregnancy and beyond! She is so excited to be able to combine her clinical knowledge and personal experience of pregnancy and post natal recovery to deliver the best health care to the women at BeActive.

Best thing about being a Physio: Helping people feel their best! Being able to support a woman and feel being part of their pregnancy journey through providing Physio and exercise. Then, getting to meet their baby after they are born!
Favourite way to BeActive: Pilates, Barre classes and running around parks and playgrounds with my two boys.
Guilty pleasure: Eating cheese and cookies

Eliza Hickey


Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. Dry Needling. Clinical Pilates (DMA and APPI).

Eliza has gained experience from working in private practice settings across both Perth and Melbourne. She has treated a variety of different conditions but has a special interest in the rehabilitation of shoulder pain. Eliza is passionate about keeping pregnant women and new mums active and happy through exercise and will be taking both pre and post-natal classes at Be Active.

Best thing about being a Physio: Empowering people to live happier, healthier lives.
Favourite way to Be Active: Running, Pilates and slowly walking my sausage dog.
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream and reality TV.

 Vanessa Luu


Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (Australian Catholic University, Fitzroy) Master of Physiotherapy (University of Sydney), Graduate Certificate of Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy) (Melbourne University), Dry needling (AAP).

Vanessa has worked in a variety of private practice settings with a keen interest in women’s health Physiotherapy including pelvic floor rehabilitation and pre and post-natal care.  She also has experience in treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, especially lower limbs. It is of importance to her that a range of hands on therapy, active rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises are used for effective treatment and results.

Since becoming a mum in 2020, Vanessa can understand the importance of pre and post-natal exercise and rehabilitation.

Best thing about being a Physio: Seeing people achieve the goals they have set and guiding them through that process.
Favourite way to BeActive: Strength training, Pilates and chasing after my toddler.
Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, desserts and bubble tea.

BeActive Vanessa Luu

Emily Tregear


Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Physiotherapy Practice (LaTrobe University), Clinical Pilates (DMA & Australian Physiotherapy Council), Dry Needling (APA).

Emily has worked in both private practice and elite sports settings in Melbourne. Through an active approach, she loves nothing more than getting her patients back to doing what they love. She uses a wide range of modalities such as manual techniques, client-specific exercise prescription, education and self-management strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Emily enjoys treating an extensive variety of musculoskeletal injuries, and has done further studies in neck and lower back pain. She is especially passionate about assisting women on their prenatal and postnatal journeys. Whether it be for aches and pains or to exercise safely; she loves to empower women to thrive by taking control over their own health and discover their true potential pre- and postpartum. 

What she loves most about being a Physio: Building rapport with patients to help them achieve their goals and feel their happiest, healthiest self. There is also something special in learning new things from the patients too – whether it be life advice, exercise or body-related!
Favourite way to Be Active: Pilates, running, sunset and sunrise beach walks.
Guilty Pleasure: Cheese, carrot cake and fresh flowers.

Exercise Physiology

Colleen Mahony

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor Applied Science (Exercise Science), Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, APMA Level 1 and 2 Pilates Teacher Training.

Colleen has worked in the health and fitness industry for nearly 15 years and has been a member of the BeActive team for over a decade, starting on reception before becoming an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Colleen has a passion for helping women through pregnancy and beyond, with a particular interest in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), cardiovascular and metabolic conditions, hormonal issues (e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and management of musculoskeletal issues through exercise rehabilitation and resistance training. With two kids of her own, Colleen understands the demands of pregnancy and motherhood and aims to empower her clients with the skills and knowledge required to maintain an active lifestyle during this exciting yet challenging life stage. Colleen is also in charge of operations for the Restore Your Core online program and loves to support new mothers in regaining their core function postnatally.

Best thing about being an Exercise Physiologist: Seeing my client’s confidence skyrocket as they master exercises they previously thought were impossible.
Favourite way to Be Active: Strength training, online workouts and Sunday morning walks/scooters as a family.
Guilty Pleasure: Champagne, rom-coms and a kid-free coffee catch up with girlfriends… the one where you get to order multiple coffees and finish a sentence 😉

   Samantha Murray

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/ Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Deakin University, Burwood), Clinical and Level 1 Mat Pilates (Pilates IQ), ESSA accredited.

 Sam has a wealth of experience working in private practice both in Melbourne and Mildura. She has broad knowledge of strength and conditioning principles from her time at well-known high performance group fitness chains and elite/community level sporting clubs in tennis, cricket and AFL. Through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, Sam is all about being creative in exercise prescription, empowering women to LOVE physical activity. Her goal is to arm every woman with the essential skills and knowledge required to maintain an active lifestyle across all life stages.

Sam’s passion is helping women with a variety of musculoskeletal and chronic conditions, with a particular interest in Oncology, Metabolic conditions (e.g., Diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Falls prevention, Chronic lower back pain and management of musculoskeletal complaints through rehabilitation, cardiovascular and resistance training.

What she loves most about being an EP: Building a rapport with clients, empowering them to take charge of their own health and enjoy the process.
Favourite way to Be Active: Strength and Cardio training, Pilates and running with her partner.
Guilty Pleasure: Ice-cream, Reality TV and Taylor Swift.

BeActive Vanessa Luu


Jo Guy

Pregnancy and Postnatal Dietician

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, APD (Accredited Practicing Dietitian).

With over 14 years experience as a dietitian and a mother herself, Jo provides practical advice to help you have the best pregnancy possible and optimise the health of you and your baby.  Jo is also passionate about supporting you through the postpartum period, assisting with healing and recovery, nutrition for breastfeeding, fatigue and depletion from pregnancy and birth. Whist nutrition is her focus, Jo blends evidence-based science into a holistic approach, addressing other key factors such as sleep, stress and emotional wellbeing. 

Best thing about being an Dietitian: Helping women and families improve their health and happiness. A particularly special part of my job is helping women throughout pregnancy and the motherhood transition and meeting their bundles of joy! 
Favourite way to Be Active: Gymnastic strength training, the odd CrossFit class, yoga and stand up paddle boarding. 
Guilty Pleasure: Bubbles with the girls! 

Amy Roylance

Accredited Practising Dietitian, Lactation and Feeding Therapist

Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition for Health Professionals, Graduate Certificate of Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition, SOS Approach to Feeding, qualified Feeding Therapist.

After beginning her career as a clinical Dietitian in one of Melbourne’s largest public hospitals for a number of years, Amy moved to London in 2010 where she commenced a specialisation in paediatric dietetics and health. Within paediatrics, Amy has a particular interest in first foods and introduction to solids, ensuring nutritional adequacy and variety. Amy is also a qualified Feeding Therapist having trained in the internationally recognised SOS Approach to Feeding. She is here to help families with a range of feeding and eating challenges such as food fussiness, picky eating and problem feeders, food refusal, as well as growth and development concerns such as failure to thrive. Through her own pregnancies, breastfeeding and motherhood experience, Amy developed an interest in supporting and treating women. Amy is currently working with the Australian Breastfeeding Association on a Diploma of Breastfeeding Management. Helping mothers and parents with infant feeding and lactation is quickly becoming her most passionate area of practice.

Best thing about being a Dietitian: The privilege of helping women through the exciting, overwhelming and wonderful journey of pregnancy and motherhood. With three gorgeous young children of her own, Amy often draws on her own personal experiences which she feels makes her a compassionate health professional, fully aware of the challenges mothers face when striving for their own health and that of their children.
Favourite way to Be Active: A pilates class at BeActive of course!
Guilty Pleasure: A day at the beach followed by a delicious, messy, loud BBQ dinner with my family. Oh and wine, all the wine!

Administration Team

 Betsy Kirk

Studio Manager

After studying Exercise Science at university in NSW, Betsy entered the health industry as a Personal Trainer. It was here she fell in love with the team camaraderie of working in a small business and began to develop her skills as a team leader. She was quickly moved up into a PT managers position where she worked for 5 years before moving south to Melbourne and purchasing her own PT studio. She built and grew this business for 9 years before a desire for more led her to seek out BeActive.

Amongst her roles in health and fitness she has always sought opportunities to grow and learn. This has seen her attain various additional learnings and qualifications including pre and post natal exercise and hormonal health for women. She is proud mum to 2 energetic sons, enjoys sports, music and listening to podcasts.

Best thing about working at BeActive:  Being around like-minded women whose goal is to improve the health of our community.
Favourite way to Be Active: Boxing.
Guilty Pleasure: All the cheeses!

Simone Vasy

Client Experience

Simone’s career has always seen her in customer facing roles, being able to connect and help clients is what she loves most.

Simone started her customer service journey in fitness industry in 2013, where she worked on reception and membership management, combining this with the personal training. Simone loves being able to help people achieve their fitness and health goals and build strong relationships with all her clients.

Simone welcomed her first child in 2019 as well as all the joys that come along with motherhood. Since then, she has been able to combine her love for health fitness at BeActive along supporting and connecting with women through every stage of life.

Best thing about being in charge of Client Experience: Connecting with so many wonderful women and playing a role in their health and fitness journey.
Favourite way to Be Active: Pilates and big long walks at the beach.
Guilty Pleasure: Playing really loud music in the car when there are no kids and a glass of Rose (not at the same time!)

 Melissa Gottliebsen


 With a start as an office clerk back in 1993, Melissa has had a long and varied career.  She was a disability carer for over 20 years and had a three year stint in retail before coming to work with us at BeActive in early 2019. Beginning in a humble reception role, Melissa is also now chief baby holder, schedule wrangler and physio side-kick. 

Outside of work, she also manages four children, a husband and two dogs.  She would like to enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets – but settles for the Dandenong’s and cocktail Fridays in her lounge room.

Best thing about being at BeActive: Feeling like I am helping women at their most vulnerable time in their lives.
Favourite way to Be Active: Walking up in the hills.
Guilty Pleasure: Allens teeth lollies!

Lucy Hann


Lucy has recently completed her VCE at Lauriston and is now undertaking an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne. This is in line with her passion for learning and always looking for new adventures and experiences.

Lucy has come from a background in childcare and we’ve heard from multiple sources she is THE in demand babysitter in our neck of the woods! She loves working in the health services industry, mainly as is allows her to support people in their health journeys, making BeActive the perfect fit.

Lucy is still learning the ropes but loves working alongside our clinicians and all the wonderful clients at BeActive. She also likes to sneak in a lunch break fitness, reformer or or clinical exercise class 😉

Favourite way to BeActive: Running along the beach

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate and reality TV

BeActive Lucy Hann