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I was never a home workout kind of person until life in lockdown began. The daily walk wasn’t quite giving me the satisfaction of getting a good workout so I started virtual classes. I questioned myself on how I was going to stay motivated, I wasn’t being held accountable by signing up for a class, taking up a reformer bed and having to show up to the studio. Fast forward a few sessions I was hooked and I’ll share why…

Whether you are working from home, pregnant, spending most of your time at home with your baby, or all of the above, virtual classes are for everyone. There are so many benefits why virtual classes are such a great option even after Covid and lockdown.


Finding just 20-30mins each day, at a time that works for you, really gives you no excuses for not fitting that dose of exercise into your day. You might use the time as a break away from your desk, take a morning class to boost your energy for the day ahead, or for that “me” time while your little one is sleeping. Depending on your daily schedule, you really can choose any time that suits you.

Exercise safely from home

With a Physiotherapy led exercise program, exercises are carefully chosen to keep you moving as safely as possible, minimising your risk of injury, compared to some online offerings. Exercises like jump squats, loaded lunges, army-style crunches can work for some, but for those of you who are pregnant, newly postnatal or still building your fitness, these exercises can be problematic. Most Physiotherapy led programs (such as BeActive Home) include modifications and variations to cater for your needs and meet you at the stage you are at, so it’s like having your Physio in your living room!

Mental health

We all know the positive psychological benefits that exercise has on our mental well being. During these challenging times our mental health has been put to the test, so having access to virtual classes really allows you to take that time out of your day to clear your head, leave the stress of the day behind and get some of those mood boosting hormones circulating.


Removing the travel time to and from home makes your exercise session that much more efficient. If time is of the essence, a short, sharp and efficient virtual class is all it takes for your body and mind to reap the benefits, whilst also removing the stress of getting to and from your class. BeActive at Home on-demand classes range from 10min – 30min, with Saturday live classes taking just 30min for you to achieve that post-workout glow without having to leave the house.


Too hot? Raining a river outside? Kids are sick? Unexpected work meeting crop up?  Virtual classes are not weather dependent, do not rely on transport and work with most things life throws at you. If you were planning a morning workout and it didn’t happen, you have ready to go content to jump into as soon as the opportunity arises. Online is 24/7 and not constrained by traditional business hours. This allows for a more consistent routine and commitment to your health,

All fitness levels

Good virtual class platforms will allow you to choose the classes that are suitable to your body and your current fitness level, or point you towards a certain collection of classes, e.g. BeActive at home offer separate sections in our members portal catering to pregnancy, postnatal recovery and general core and stretch pilates.

Tip – Look for classes that require minimal equipment required, you can keep working towards your goals and as you get fitter and stronger you can always add some extra equipment like Therabands and weights to get the most out of your exercise.


Virtual offerings are often less costly than their in-studio counterparts, providing great value for money. You can also boost your results potential and combine this lower cost alternative with in-studio services and get the best of both worlds! BeActive in-studio members can have access to BeActive at Home for an extra $10 per week, or free of charge for unlimited members.

Virtual classes have really come a long way since Covid-19 put us into lockdown back in 2020. If you are finding it hard to stick to your exercise goals or are looking to set new ones, mix things up and give virtual classes a go!

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