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It might sound obvious…something hurts go see a Physio – right? But we, the busy human beings that we are, have a great ability to brush things aside, put up with pain, or convince ourselves that our body and health isn’t a priority right now. Fast forward a few weeks or months and we are hobbling around, uncomfortable, missing out on our favourite exercise and wondering why we didn’t get onto it sooner.

Here are 4 signs you might need to see a Physiotherapist:

  1. You think or say “ouch” at least a few times per week…

…standing on your feet all day and your back is killing

….feeding your baby and your wrist/thumb is throbbing

…you have another “tension” headache

…your knee hurts every time you get low to pick something up

Basically, ANYTHING that is sore/stiff/painful and preventing your body from feeling amazing every day. Time to do something about it!

  1. You think a stiff and sore back/neck is just part of motherhood…

It’s true that mums can cop it big time in the sore back/neck stakes…feeding, carrying, bending, heavy loads…it’s constant and it can take a toll, but doesn’t mean you should accept it. Motherhood can be challenging enough without adding increased pain and decreased mobility into the mix. It’s hard to feel in control as a parent, but you CAN control this…prioritise your body, get it sorted and live your best life.

  1. When you think about exercise you feel more unmotivated than you’re willing to admit…

You felt great in the beginning, like superwoman, killing it in class and feeling on top of the world…fast forward a few months and although you’re still coming in the door for regular sessions, it’s more like checking a box rather than feeling invincible – if this sounds like you, time to shake things up with a 1:1 Clinical Exercise Assessment with one of our Physios. They will assess your progress, re-check your goals, give you a completely tailored workout, and have you leaving with a much needed spring in your step.

  1. You’re pregnant and have said goodbye to a good night’s sleep…

Yes it’s normal to feel a tad uncomfortable in bed, especially in the later stages of pregnancy but if your hips, pelvis or back are keeping you up at night it’s time to see how Physiotherapy can help. Hands on treatment for release, sleep position education, exercise and compression/support options for during the day (which can help overnight) are just some of the ways our Physios can improve your likelihood of a good night’s sleep. You have many months of disrupted sleep coming up once bub arrives, don’t start nightly wake-ups when you don’t have to!

Book your Physio or Clinical Exercise Assessment now or call us on 1300 550 622 to discuss how we can help.